Fuel leadership excellence with effective writing

While communication is widely accepted as a critical leadership competency, far too many executives, supervisors and managers are unable to write messages that support—rather than subvert—their ability to lead others. According to the Los Angeles Business Journal, billions of dollars in lost productivity can be traced to inadequate writing, much of it likely from leaders at various levels.

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Write to engage employees

Only about a third of U.S. workers are engaged in their jobs, according to a Gallup poll. If you’re a leader or manager, you can make a difference—by writing in a way that engages employees. Whether they’re direct reports, associates or others throughout the organization, your emails to these individuals can generate buy-in for your ideas, persuade them to take certain actions, and drive them to excellence.

Here are three ways to engage employees with your writing:

Extend conversations with engaging social media replies

If you’re a small business owner, independent contractor or PR/marketing specialist, you recognize the power of social media to generate visibility and new business opportunities. The rest of you may soon be writing more workplace social media text as organizations turn to these platforms to connect with their staffs, customers, potential hires, consultants, and others.

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